The Motherwell Hunting Lodge offers one of the most unique high fence trophy elk hunting experiences in North America.  When you read "high fence", we recommend that you not jump to any conclusions.  This is a completely natural environment encompassing more than 4,000 acres of pristine elk habitat including valleys, sage brush flats, natural water features, aspen groves, meadows, dark timber, wallows and deep canyons.  Our herd of  elk range naturally and freely within this private sanctuary.  The only difference between the free range and our high fence is that we have the ability to manage this herd and give bulls the time and opportunity to grow into maturity.  This provides our guests with a truly authentic hunting experience while in pursuit of a once in a lifetime trophy bull elk.  

We are currently in the process of getting out of the high fence elk business and 2019 will be our last year.  Opportunities are limited, and while we do have some nice 300" plus class bulls, we don't have much bigger than that.  Please contact us for details about remaining opportunity.